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Cookie Management

Cookies and similar technologies ("Cookies") allow small pieces of information to be read from and/or placed onto your device when you visit a website or application. See below for further information about the categories of cookies used on this website and your current preference settings for non essential cookies. To change your preference settings use the Radio buttons and then "Save changes".

See our Cookie Details for more detailed information about the cookies we and our partners use on this website.

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Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the use of the features and services on our website.

These essensial cookies do the following things:

  • Remembering that you are logged in to our website.
  • Worldpay will create cookies as per their cookie policy while using the Worldpay gateway from the ETSWAP application.
  • Google ReCaptcha uses cookies to track the user’s behaviour on the Registration page.

They always need to be on.

Cookies that remember your settings

Functional cookies allow our website to remember your font size preferences on our website during your visit.